Social marketing idea for a good cause, improve children’s lives
IKEA thinks all children deserve to be put in a frame. A social marketing idea to show IKEA’s social engagement improving children’s lives.
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Social Frames

A simple way to use IKEA products to show their social engagement.

IKEA swaps its famous pictures with powerful portraits of anonymous people helped by its foundation.


Make customers aware of IKEA’s social engagement in the world.


In shops, frames are filled with cliché pictures (Brooklyn Bridge, a double-decker bus or flowery fields).


Use these frames to show pictures of IKEA’s social engagement. A series of pictures representing the people IKEA is helping, pictures of children, their lives and environment.

By purchasing one of these pictures, you’re not only decorating your interior, but you’re also helping the children most in need to have a better life (a new school, construction of water wells, an electrical network,…)

A social marketing idea to show IKEA’s social engagement by improving children’s lives.

Ikea Social Frames Ambient Campaign

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