Hotel California, an innovative test drive for modern adventurers
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Hotel California

A less boring and more relevant way to book your test drive.

To promote the new California, the perfect van for road trips, Volkswagen invites modern adventurers to book their test-drive on Airbnb.


With an innovative test drive, show that the Volkswagen California has everything you need to travel.


The California is a Hotel on wheels.


Go on holidays with the Hotel California. Make your reservation on Airbnb, tripadvisor or and drive to the destination of your choice. A digital advertising idea for the modern adventurers.

Volkswagen HotelCalifornia Creative Digital

Breakfast from 3am to 5am.

Not a sound. Birds, grasshoppers and reindeers are still in the arms of Morpheus. Only the breeze seems to have stayed up all night and brings you this smell of hot coffee to your nose.

It’s time for breakfast.

Your companion is next to you. You both sit on your folded chair waiting for the show to start. In a few minutes the shower of stars will light up the night. And you’ll be at the centre of it.

Enjoy your stay.

Your Hotel. Your rules.

Smoking allowed.

It’s that time of the day again. When dancing flames and glowing embers caress your skin with their warm breath. And even if you’ve seen this performance a hundred times, your eyes are still hypnotised by this ballet.

But you are rapidly brought to task. Your growling stomach is also craving to be satisfied. It’s time for the sizzling sausages and the smoky aroma of barbecued meat wafting through the air to enter the stage.

Bon appétit.

Your Hotel. Your rules.

Check out at 4pm.

Everything is packed but you still decide to have one last swim in this chilly-but-you-get-used-to-it river. You lay your towel on this rock that welcomed you so many afternoons and open your book to read the next two chapters. No, let’s make it the next 5 chapters.

But it’s time to go. There is a waterfall a few miles away where you have planned to spend the night.

Enjoy your stay.

Your Hotel. Your rules.

Animals allowed.

After 5 hours driving, you finally stop in the middle of nowhere. Only salmons migrating up rivers, rabbits and woodpeckers surround you. You open the door to your Border Terrier who has been licking the window since you stopped. Yes, he does that sometimes.

You’re waiting for him to jump on you but he is too distracted to even consider you. He is already chasing a butterfly that is tickling his muzzle.

Enjoy your stay.

Your Hotel. Your rules.

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