Is London the most creative city in the world? Probably.

London has always been creative. Have a quick glance through your one-glassed Victorian window (if you’re lucky to have one) and the double-decker buses zooming down the wrong right side of the road will confirm it: British people love to do things differently.

Shows, clothes, haircuts, puddings, singers, humorists, restaurants, pubs’ names, pubs’ blackboards, Queens… the number of things which differ from the old continent is longer than a spoilt 6 year-old’s Christmas gift list.

But having a creative city wasn’t enough for the Brits. They wanted to have THE most creative city. So they sat around a table with their Starbucks Gingerbread Latte and decided to rethink one of the most insignificant object of all times.

The plug socket.

From a simple white piece of plastic with two round wholes they created a simple white piece of plastic with three rectangular wholes. And some celebrities welcomed the new plug socket with enthusiasm.

A genius design move” Steve Jobs

“This is a great opportunity for London“ Boris Johnson

“I’m happy they kept it white” Donald Trump

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with it. To use their favorite electric toothbrush, millions of foreigners had to buy adapters. And attached to the adapters, extension cables to plug the TV, the toaster, the computer, the printer, the lamp, the electric guitar, piano, violin, organ and flute (yes, some foreigners are really into music).

Today with all the cable extensions all over the floor, my interior looks like a contemporary art installation at a Tate Modern’s exhibition. I even have to put a caption next to it to inform visitors what this really represents:

Title: Plug socket
Size: 3m x 4m. Wooden floor canvas and plastic components.
Year: 2015

It looks like London’s creativity is starting to influence me. I create unique pieces of art. Like Londoners. Is it serious, doctor?

Oh gosh, I’m becoming British. Blimey!