Hi, welcome to our portfolio.
We are Kevin and Alberto,
a creative team based in London.

What we do? We sit at our desk, look up at the ceiling and come up with amazing ideas. It’s incredible how white paint and neon lights can spark your creativity.


SOS Viol Creative Advertising
SOS Viol
In Ambient Media / Social Marketing
Volkswagen Hotel California Creative Digital
Hotel California
In Digital
Interactive Immersive VR 360 experience
‘The 6th sailor’, an interactive VR experience
In Experiential Advertising / Virtual Reality
Burn Lotus F1 Experiential Advertising
Burn Grand Prix
In Digital / Experiential Advertising
Cactus Smell Of New Integrated Campaign
The New Smell of New
In Branded Content / Integrated
Bezoya Optimistic Bottle Experiential Advertising
The Optimistic Bottle
In Ambient Media / Digital / Experiential Advertising
Ikea Frames Social Cause Campaign
Social Frames
In Ambient Media / Social Marketing
Seat.com Visual Design
SEAT.COM Global Site Redesign
In Digital
Metro Creative Print Advertising
Bite-Sized News
In Print
Ikea Tango Tv Ad
Ikea Tango
The Baking Grannies
In Digital / Integrated / Social Media
Tropicana Tv Ad

Digital, Print, TV, Experiential, Branded Content, Pitches, you name it. We will find the best concepts for your clients.

Need a fresh look on your briefing? Help on a pitch? Or simply need an awesome creative team to join you? Challenge accepted!